Takhalli, Tahalli dan Tajalli


According to moral Sufism, the human soul can be likened to a piece of land that will be planted by farmers. Before the farmer grows crops on the land, he must first clean the land of all kinds of grass that grows on it. This process is called Takhalli. After the soil is cleared of weeds, then it is planted with useful plants. This process is called Tahalli. In order to strengthen and deepen the modules that have been passed in the tahalli phase, until the learning series is perfected in the tajalli phase. This word means the revelation of Nur Ghaib for the heart. If the soul is filled with pearls of morals and the organs of the body are accustomed to carrying out noble deeds, so that the results obtained do not decrease, it requires a sense of divinity. A routine that is carried out with optimal understanding and a deep sense of love, will increase the sense of longing for Him, the Sufis agree that to reach this level of opportunity for the sanctity of the soul there is only one way, namely: love for Allah swt and deepen that love. With the purity of this soul, only then will the path open to reach God. Without this path it is impossible to achieve that goal and the actions that are attempted are not considered good deeds.