Peranan Media Pembelajaran dalam Meningkatkan Minat Siswa serta Memotivasi Belajar Siswa Kelas 3 SDN Kohod III


This study raises the importance of the role of learning media in increasing student interest and motivating the learning of grade 3 students at SDN Kohod III Pakuhaji, in order to be more effective and efficient. The method used in this study is a descriptive method with a qualitative approach. The object of this research is a third grade teacher at SDN Kohod III Pakuhaji. The technique used in this research is the technique of observation, interviews and documentation. The teacher explains the importance of learning media for students in increasing the interest and learning motivation of grade 3 students at SDN Kohod III Pakuhaji, so that they are more effective and efficient. So that a process of behavior change as a result of interaction with the environment so that the learning experience and learning outcomes become more meaningful.