Optimizing the Parameters of Sliding Mode Controllers for Stepper Motor through Simulink Response Optimizer Application


This paper will focus on optimizing parameters of sliding mode controllers (SMC) for hybrid stepper motor models simulated in Matlab/Simulink. The main objective is to achieve a smooth transient and robust, steady-state to track reference rotor position when the stepper motor is subjected to load disturbances. Two different structures of SMC controllers will be studied, which are based on the flat system concept that is applicable to the stepper motor model. The hassle to determine controller parameters will be optimized using the Simulink Response Optimizer application.  The performance of the controllers will be evaluated by considering load torque and variation in the model parameters. Although the results showed that an open-loop controller could move the rotor to the desired position, however, the transient response had undesired oscillations before the output settled at the steady state. The response was improved by optimizing SMC controllers’ parameters to meet the desire step response requirement. Despite both SMC methods have successfully tracked the reference, there are some challenges to deal with each method in regard to the state measurements, the number of optimized controllers’ parameters, and the scattering of control inputs.