An Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Single Machine Infinite Bus System under Unknown Uncertainties


The inherent uncertainties in a Single Machine Infinite Bus System (SMIBS) are governed by unmodeled dynamics or large disturbances such as the system's faults. The existence of these uncertainties demands robust controllers to guarantee the system's asymptotic stability under such exacting conditions. In this work, we propose an Adaptive Sliding Mode Control (ASMC) design implemented on a fifth-order nonlinear SMIBS to handle those uncertainties without prior knowledge about its upper bounds. We develop the ASMC with gains of two nested adaptive layers to asymptotically stabilize the system's internal states, the machine's terminal voltage, and power angle within a region of unknown bounded uncertainties while mitigating the chattering phenomena associated with conventional Sliding Mode Control (SMC). To verify the design's effectiveness and prove the conducted Lyapunov theoretical stability analysis, we simulate the occurrence of a large disturbance represented by a 3-phase fault at the system's universal bus. The results show that the ASMC can successfully achieve asymptotic stable output errors and stabilizing the SMIBS internal states after the clearance of the fault. Moreover, the ASMC noticeably outperforms the SMC in chattering mitigation, where the ASMC's signal is significantly smoother than that of the SMC.