Analisis Instrumen Tes sebagai Alat Evaluasi pada Mata Pelajaran SBdP Siswa Kelas II SDN Duri Kosambi 06 Pagi


The purpose of this study is to analyze the test instrument for learning evaluation tools, especially SbdP subjects. The form of objective tests is known as short answer tests consisting of multiple choice tests, fill-in tests, true-false tests, and matching tests that require students to remember, interpret, and recognize so that they are related to learning abilities. The type of research used is qualitative research. Data collection techniques in this study used observation, interviews, and documentation techniques. The use of both objective and subjective test instruments is an evaluation tool or procedure used in the framework of measuring and assessing student learning outcomes to determine students' understanding of the material that has been taught and to determine students' ability to remember and string words.