Kajian tentang Penggunaan Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Numbered Head Together pada Mata Pelajaran IPA


The study on the use of the Numbered Head Together (NHT) cooperative learning model aims to provide an overview of the NHT type cooperative learning theory to educators in Keruak District, East Lombok, NTB. Of the many types offered, the author is interested in being able to study cooperative learning models, especially the Numbered Head Together type. The Numbered Head Together type is one of the techniques in the cooperative learning model where students are divided into several groups. Each group consists of four to five people who differ in academic ability, ethnicity or gender. Then each student in each group gets a number. Educators give assignments / questions (each group is the same, but each student is different) and each group does it. The group discusses the correct answer and ensures that each group member can work on / know the answer. Educators call one of the Student numbers with the number called to report the results of their collaboration. Responses from other friends, then the educator points to another number. And so on until you get the desired goal.