Pembelajaran Matematika dengan Menggunakan Media Berhitung di Sekolah Dasar dalam Meningkatkan Pemahaman Siswa


The word "media" comes from Latin and is the plural form of the word medium, which literally means "intermediary or introduction". Thus, meida is a vehicle for channeling learning information or distributing messages. In the learning process, the presence of the media has an important meaning. Because in this activity the unclear material presented can be helped by presenting the media as an intermediary. Counting is anything that involves numbers and numbers. Counting is part of mathematics, because in mathematics there is a process of managing numbers. Learning it requires its own way because mathematics is unique, namely abstract, consistent, thinking and deductive. Counting is also used in other sciences such as physics, biology, chemistry, economics and so on. These sciences use numbers and numbers which of course will involve the counting process. Mathematics is a science that requires a mindset, reasoning, and logic. In learning mathematics students are accustomed to gain understanding through experience about the properties of a set of objects (abstraction). However, all of that must be adjusted to the development of students' abilities, so that in the end it will greatly help the smooth learning process of mathematics in schools.