Penggunaan Media Google Meet pada Proses Pembelajaran Mahasiswa Pendidikan Sosiologi di Masa Pandemi Covid-19


This Year the education system anywhere around the world directly affected by the outbreak of corona virus, better school or university while should be closed. On the other hand, the learning process should still be run by using the various initiatives that can be utilized by educational institutions. Students are also required to be able to use communication technologies to the learning process can take place. The purpose of this study is to find out the problems of student learning Education Sociology Untirta with the media using google meet in the pandemic covid 19 and to know the utilization of media use google meet on the process of student learning Education Sociology Untirta in the covid 19. Research methodology this research is grounded research that is carried out systematically, based on the fact and the nature of the source population specific issues. Conclusion this study is the utilization of media use google meet is considered less effective By most students of Education, Sociology Untirta compared with the ongoing process of learning face-to-face is usually done in the classroom. This is because the media use google meet require a quota that is large enough when worn plus network should remain stable and media use Google Meet also does not guarantee students present in front of the screen. The importance of this research to the process of learning by using media google meet can be beneficial and constructive to the community.