Peran Orang Tua dalam Memotivasi Anak Belajar Daring Selama Pandemi Covid-19


This article aims to find out how parents are motivating their children in the online learning process during the covid-19 pandemic. This method of writing uses a synthesis meta that refers to existing or pre-existing journals and articles that are relevant to the role of parents in motivating children to learn which is then associated with the current situation. In the current pandemic, activities are required to be conducted at home online and to avoid the increasing spread of Covid-19, not least with schools. Currently, children do online learning at home, but in the implementation, not all children can run it smoothly, then a need for attention from the child's closest people, namely parents. The results showed that the role of parents is necessary for helping children learn online, such as providing motivation and mentoring to children during the online learning process tailored to the characteristics and conditions of the child. Children will be encouraged to learn if motivated to learn, not to laze when learning such as listening to well-delivered materials, doing tasks well, and being able to manage the time used to learn as best as possible.