Peningkatan Kapasitas Mahasiswa PPL FKIP-UGR Tahun 2020 dalam Menyusun Rencana Program Pembelajaran (RPP)


Pedagogic competence is one of the competencies where a teacher is required to have the ability to plan learning so that learning objectives are achieved effectively, efficiently, attractively, and interactively. So that every teacher before carrying out the learning process in the classroom must make a learning plan known as the Learning Program Plan (RPP). Therefore, this activity aims to increase the capacity of PPL FKIP-UGR students in 2020 in the form of training activities for making or preparing Learning Program Plans (RPP). This activity was attended by eight students, five students from the Accounting Education Study Program and three students from the English Education Study Program. The methods used in this training are lectures, questions and answers and practice. The result of this activity is that there is an increase in participants' knowledge or understanding of Making Learning Tools, especially Learning Program Plans (RPP), students have a positive attitude and enthusiasm for teaching, and there is an increase in skills in preparing learning tools. So it was concluded that this activity was very effective in helping students prepare their learning tools before entering the classroom in carrying out the teaching process.