Meningkatkan Pemahaman Konsep Sains Mahasiswa Calon Guru PAUD pada Mata Kuliah Ilmu Alamiah Dasar Menggunakan Pendekatan Saintifik


This study aims to improve understanding of the science concepts of PAUD teacher candidate students in the Basic Science course using a scientific approach. This research is a quasi-experimental research design with Nonequivalent Control Group Design. The subjects of this study were students of the IB semester as the experimental class, namely the class that studied with the scientific approach and the IA semester as the control class, namely the class that studied without using a scientific approach. Data regarding conceptual understanding were obtained by test techniques and data were analyzed using independent sample t-test and normalized gain test. The results showed that the experimental class showed a significant increase in understanding the concept of science compared to the control class. The post-test average score of students 'concept understanding in the experimental class was higher than the control class so that the scientific approach in improving students' understanding of science concepts in early childhood teacher candidates