Rancang Bangun Inventarisasi Barang menggunakan Algoritma Apriori Sebagai Data Mining


Inventory activities become an important thing for business progress, along with the times, inventory activities become easier due to the large number of facilities and infrastructure to support activities, including the Ap Jaya Store which also competes in the modern era, but currently, inventory activities in stores Ap Jaya still uses the manual method, namely by recording inventory activities using a book then recapitulating one by one so that it takes a lot of time, along with these problems an inventory application is needed that can be used to support these activities, this inventory application is made using the a priori algorithm method as data mining and using the programming language PHP and MySQL as a database besides that the a priori algorithm can also be used for item recommendation systems, on testing with 20 transaction data with a minimum support value = 20% and a minimum confidence = 70% also from the results of the transaction. Tests carried out using the apriori algorithm and using applications that are made get the same results according to the requirements for support and confidence values.Keywords:Inventory, Data Mining, Apriori Algorithm