Penerapan Face Recognition pada Aplikasi Akademik Online


In the era of big data, the biometric identification process is growing very fast and is increasingly being implemented in many applications. Face recognition technology utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize faces that are already stored in the database. In this research, it is proposed to design an online academic login system at the National University using real time face recognition used OpenCV with the Local Binary Pattern Histogram algorithm and the Haar Cassade Classification method. The system will detect, recognize and compare faces with the stored face database. The image used is 480 x 680 pixels with a .jpg extension in the form of an RGB image which will be converted into a Grayscale image., to make it easier to calculate the histogram value of each face that will be recognized. With a modeling system like this it is hope to make it easy for user to log into online academics.Keywords:Face Recognition, Haar Cascade Clasifier, Local Binary Pattern Histogram, Online Akademic, OpenCV.