Abstract: The writing of this proposal work aims to explain the leadership of women in Islam.  As for the background of this writing is Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has created humans with the best form, both forms for men and for women, both of which are simply created is to worship only to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala  .  Islam in essence does not differentiate between men and women in a coma, both in terms of position, dignity, ability, and opportunity to work (gender equality).  Every creature for men and women have their respective functions and roles.  Not only men can be a leader, but women can also become a leader.  The method used in this study is the method of literature or literature, both in the form of books, and related articles.  The technique of data collection is done by looking for sources of literature and documents relating to the research of leadership points is a behavior with a specific purpose to influence the activities of group members to achieve common goals designed to provide individual benefits and leadership organizations never look at gender, because gender is only an identity of difference, the point of gender is the identity of the difference between men and women, the point of leadership activities, several factorsmust be possessed by female leaders, namely the leader factor, member factors, and the situation factor point of a leader must have the traits of Sidiq, Fathonah,  Tabligh, and Trust.  A leader must also have a style or characteristics and must have ethical values.  Keywords: Leadership, Women, and Gender.