Pengembangan Modul Gejala Pemanasan Global Berbasis Pendekatan SETS untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Fisika Kelas XI SMAN 7 Sijunjung


A reciprocal relationship is needed between humans and the environment so that there is a balance and harmony between nature and humans. Therefore it is necessary to implement environmental integrated education, so that the concepts and principles of various kinds of natural phenomena can easily be developed in learning materials and these understandings can be used in everyday life. This development research aims to produce a physics module of global warming symptoms based on the SETS approach. This type of research is research and development with the ADDIE model contains five stages, namely: (1) analyze; (2) design; (3) development; (4) implement; (5) evaluate (assessment). From the research results, it was found that the physics module based on the SETS approach had met the very valid criteria with a percentage of 92%. In terms of practicality, the SETS-based physics module has met the very practical criteria with the percentage of teacher and student response questionnaires being 93% and 90.56%, respectively. In addition, the SETS-based physics module has also met the effective criteria with an N-gain value of 0.76