Spiritualitas Doa Puja Yesus Menurut Bapa-Bapa Philokalia


This article is a review of the spirituality of Jesus prayer according to the    Philokalia Fathers for the spiritual growth of the congregation in a book entitled Philokalia: The Bible of Orthodox Spirituality, this book is a book that is not widely known by believers because this topic is rarely discussed, even studied by the Church. The aim of this research is to explore that the Jesus Prayer Prayer is a spiritual discipline, its practice is to help a person control the mind of many wandering thoughts so that they can focus more on Jesus Christ. The research method is literature and then interaction with other related texts in the Bible and other Church Fathers. The results of the analysis show that the Prayer of Jesus praying for mercy from God will make someone realize that only God is the source of help in the pain and suffering of the human soul and body.