Using Bloom’s Taxonomy in Arabic Learning Media to Elevate Student’s Writing in Covid-19 Situation


Learning Arabic writing skills in the Pandemic Era is confronted with complex problems. One of complex problems is the minimal interaction of the limitations in learning process that has an impact on students’ learning outcomes. This STUDY aims to explore various Arabic learning media to support learners’ writing skills that can be implemented during the COVID-19 situation. The research used a qualitative approach with the case study design. The informants of the study are those who write using online-based writing learning media. The data were collected through observations, and document The findings showed that learning Arabic media based on developing taxonomy can be divided into five basic classifications according to the evolving taxonomy; media understanding stage; YouTube, Facebook, Google search, Twitter, Media application stage: Quick Voice, Animation Creation, Google Doc, media analysis; Mind map, Numbers page,  evaluation media; Edmodo, Skype, Google search, Whatsapp, creative media; WordPress, iMovie, YouTube, Creative Books, Instagram. The findings of this study indicated that the process of using online media is an effort to improve creative and critical thinking processes in improving learners’ Arabic writing skills. This study examines research to test each of the media used during the COVID-19 situation.