Analisis Kesulitan Siswa dalam Menyelesaikan Soal Cerita pada Materi Pengukuran Panjang di Kelas IV


This his study aims to describe the various difficulties students have in solving problems in length measurement material in class IV. This study uses a qualitative approach to the research subjects of 4th grade students. The research instruments used are interviews, documentation, and observation. The results of the study obtained conclusions about the various types of difficulties, causative factors and efforts. Difficulties of students when working on a matter of measurement material stories are the difficulty of identifying key questions, the difficulty of transforming sentence sentences into mathematical models, the difficulty of calculation, and the difficulty of drawing conclusions. The factors that cause difficulties consist of students' personal factors related to student learning habits, mastery of material concepts, and factors of teacher assistance. Efforts that can be made by the teacher include, identifying problems faced by students, creating story problems using communicative language, multiplying story problem exercises, applying cooperative and contextual learning, providing individualized guidance, providing motivation and rewards and using learning media.