Dilalah dalam Perspektif Hukum Islam : Analisis Deskriptif Klasifikasi Dilalah sebagai Penunjukan Atas Hukum dalam Islam


In this context, Ulama Ushul defines ushul fiqh in two first ways, a definition based on the arrangement of two lafadz (tarkibil idlafi), namely lafadz ushul and fiqh. Second, the definition of ushul fiqh is the name of an independent knowledge without looking at the lafadz structure that forms it. Etymologically, the word ushul is a plural form of ashl which means "the foundation of something either material or non-material". In terms of terminology, the word ashal has five meanings, namely: Legal basis (al-dalil), such as the ulama's expression "ashl from the obligation to pray is al-Qur'an and al-Sunnah, "the meaning is the legal basis. Foundation or foundation (al-qa'idah al-kulliyah), as the prophet said: "Islam is built on five foundations (khamsati ushul", ushul in this word means the basic foundation (al-qa'idah al-kulliyah). al-rajih), like the ulama's expression "al-ashl fi al-kalam al-haqiqah", which means that the strongest of an expression is its true meaning. Branch or part (al-maqis alayh), such as the expression "al-khamar ashl li al-nabidz ", which means that khomer is part of nabidz which is forbidden because they are both intoxicating. The enforcement of the original law as long as there are no arguments that change it (al-mustashhab), such as the expression of al-ashl al-thaharah" for people who have ablution ' and doubt whether it has been canceled or not, which means that the original law is holy.