Penurunan Partisipasi Anak Usia Dini pada Taman Pendidikan Al-Qur’an


This study aims to describe the factors that cause the decline in early childhood participation in Taman Pendidikan Al Qur’an (TPA) Al-Abror's and their interactions. This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study method. This research was conducted at TPA Al-Abror Montong Mas, East Lepak Village. The sample used in this study were 11 children. Data collection was carried out by in-depth interviews and involved observation. Data analysis using an interactive analysis model. The results of this study include 1) The factors that cause a decrease in early childhood participation in TPA Al-Abror include a) Having received Islamic religious learning in Raudatul Atfal b) Not getting special attention from parents, c) Older siblings do not participate in TPA , d) Influence of older friends, e) Different sects / mazhab, and f) Moving to a new mosque TPA. 2) The interaction of factors causing the decline in early childhood participation in TPA Al-Abror, shows that the majority of children are affected by more than one factor.