Upaya Pengembangan Bakat atau Kemampuan Siswa Sekolah Dasar melalui Ekstrakurikuler


Humans are born with innate abilities which are potentials that still need to be developed. basically every individual or every child has different talents. the difference lies in the type of talent. every human being has its own characteristics that can distinguish one human from another. With the existence of a human ability is required to be able to develop their potential to become a quality human being. One way to hone these talents is through extracurricular activities with the aim that students' talents and creativity can be optimally displayed. This extracurricular activity makes students look so excited and enthusiastic. This is because students are given the freedom to be able to choose extracurricular activities that they are interested in. With extracurricular activities it makes students more creative and can also be a success in exploring the talents of students, and can build students' mentality to be better, responsible, and independent