Pengaruh Pembelajaran Inkuiri Terbimbing Berbantuan Mind Mapping dalam Pembelajaran IPA di MTs NW Kilang


This study aims to find out the influence of guided inquiry learning models assisted by mind mapping of science (physics) learning outcomes in grade IX MTs NW Kilang students. This type of research is a quasi-research experiment with pretest-posttest control group design. The population of this study was all students of grade IX MTs NW Kilang and the samples selected were grade IX A as experimental class and grade IX B as control class. Samples are selected using cluster random sampling techniques. Data collection is done through the results of learning physics students on electrical materials. Data analysis techniques are carried out using a two-party t test. From the results of the analysis data two-party t test obtained the value of t calculate > t table at a significant level of 5%, is t calculate = 2.621 > t table = 2,000. From the results of the study, it was found that the average value of the experimental class using mind mapping-assisted inquiry model is higher when compared to control classes that use conventional learning models (discourse). These results showed that the use of mind mapping-assisted inquiry learning models had a positive effect on the physics learning outcomes of students in grade IX MTS NW Kilang School Year 2019/2020.