Implementasi Pendidikan Nilai dalam Pembelajaran Sekolah Dasar melalui Pendekatan Revised Taxonomy Blooms (RTB)


The application of this learning theory is classroom action research intended to increase the results of learning to level up in class learners through learning theory bloom. The research subject is the class protégé. Research aims to describe: (1) the implementation of value education in elementary school, (2) the implementation of education in the learning process, (3) the implementation of value education through the revised taxtaxinherent approach. This research method employs a qualitative approach with a descriptive method. The data-collecting techniques used are observation, documentation, interviews, surveys, and library studies. The data analysis techniques in this study use the following stages: data collection, data reduction, data display, conclusion assertion. The research findings: (1) the implementation of value education at the central coral country elementary school is implemented not only in the form of special programs taught through lessons, but value education applies the entire educational process, which produces the intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually mature personality of learners. (2) the implementation of value education in learning includes: (a) value education planning is carefully structured that embodied in the learning kit, religious value. (b) implementation of value education in learning is integrated into each local subject, charge, and dissemination. (c) the value education evaluation process is carried out continually, to gain an imformation in students’ personality development on a continuous basis. (3) the revised taxtaxonomy approach in learning contains the six dimensions of a process of remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating. The role of a teacher is able to organize the class, implementing the learning process using the revised taxtaxinherent approach in achieving the value education goals. Value education served to reinforce the man of character as one who had the ability to manage his life according to the valuesboth of the past and the past.