Pelatihan Penggunaan Aplikasi Mendeley Secara Online bagi Mahasiswa untuk Penyusunan Daftar Pustaka Karya Ilmiah


In general, one of the indications of quality writing is related to the element of plagiarization that often occurs because of a person's lack of knowledge about the technique of voyeurization or how to perform antacids. Therefore, lecturers and students in particular must be equipped with knowledge on how to perform good gitation in order to produce good scientific work and quality to be published in national / international journals. In managing references sourced from books or journals, it can be done with the help of several software / applications available, such as Mendeley, Endnote, Zootero and others. The existence of software such as mendeley that can be used to help the writing of sitasi, so that the authors can process reference documents owned. Based on the results of the implementation of the activities, it was seen that there was an increase in the knowledge and ability of participants related to mendeley application before and after the training. However, in terms of the ability to install applications on laptops and Ms. Word and use mendeley Application to create a library list some participants have not been able to master the maximum (100%), so it must still be helped and directed even though the training has been completed.