Pendidik sebagai Desainer Strategi Instruksional dalam Meningkatkan Kualitas Pembelajaran di Sekolah Dasar Negeri Tegal Alur 07 Pagi di Kelas II


Teacher as the Instructional Designer in Improving Quality of Learning at Elementary School. This research is designed to address two main problems concerning theteachers‘inability of designing instructional strategy and the enhancement of teachers’ competence in improving quality of instruction. As such,this research is concerned withthe analysis of factors affectingteachers’ inability instructional strategy and finding out solution toward teachers’ competence in improving quality of instruction. Qualitative approach was employed, while observation and interview were utilized to collect the data. The data were triangulated. The results indicate that social and cultural condition of static society have contributed to teacher performance. In addition, motivation and lack of knowledge affect maturity stage of teachers’ ability in designing instructional strategy. It can be concluded thateducation and training are useful for the refinement of qualified instructional task, design of instructional strategy and implementation of instructional strategy for teachers in schools.