Tiga Ranah Taksonomi Bloom dalam Pendidikan


Bloom's taxonomy refers to the taxonomy created for educational purposes. This taxonomy was first dismade by Benjamin S. Bloom in 1956. In this case, the purpose of education is divided into several domains (domains, regions) and each domain is divided into a more detailed division based on its hierarchy. The purpose of education is divided into three domains, namely: 1) cognitive sphere, 2) affective realm, 3) Psyteric realm. Some other terms also describe the same thing with the three domains as stated by Ki Hajar Dewantoro, namely: copyright, flavor, and Karsa. In addition, it is also known terms: reasoning, passion, and practice. From each realm it is divided into hierarchical categories and subcategories, ranging from simple behaviors to the most complex behaviors. " Behavior in each level is assumed to include behavior from a lower level, such as in the realm of cognitive, to achieve "understanding" on the second level is also required "knowledge" at the first level.