Analisis Kemampuan Pemecahan Masalah Matematis Siswa pada Materi FPB dan KPK


The  purpose  of  this  study  is  to  find  out  how  students'  ability  to understand  problems,  plan  problem  solving,  make  the  process  of solving a problem and check the correctness of the results or answers to the  problems  of  FPB  and  KPK.  This  research  uses  a  descriptive qualitative  approach.  Data  collection  is  done  through  observation and   documentation.   The   results   showed   that   the mathematical problem solving ability of class IV SD on  FPB  and  KPK  material  were  (1)  students  had  the  ability  to understand  problems,  (2)  students  had  the  ability  to  plan  problem solving, (3) students did not yet have the ability to make the problem solving process , (4) students do not have the ability to re-examine the truth of the results or answers. With this research it is expected that students 'mathematical problem solving abilities will continue to be trained continuously, so that students' mathematical problem solving abilities increase and increase.