Penilaian Otentik dengan Teknik Nontes di Sekolah Dasar Rawa Kidang Kabupaten Tangerang


The purpose of the research is to provide procedures and instruments for authentic assessment of nontest techniques that can be used by teachers and parents. Data was collected through multimethods of documentation, expert panel assessments, and trials. The study uses a qualitative Beebe "Wheel Model" design approach that is modified. Data analysis was performed using general qualitative research techniques, while interpretations were inductive analysis. The study consisted of six rating scale instruments, namely: (1) students 'honest attitude at home, (2) students' honest attitude at school, (3) students 'disciplinary attitude at home, (4) students' disciplinary attitude at school, (5) responsibility attitude student responsibility at home, and (6) attitude of student responsibility at school. Great attitude rating rating index: (1) honest students at home (0.942), (2) honest students at school (0.930), (3) student discipline at home (0.962), (4) student discipline at home (0.951), (5) student responsibilities at home (0.945), and (6) student responsibilities at school (0.962). Keywords: authentic, assessment, nontest technique, test technique, self-theme.