Meningkatkan Kemampuan Membaca melalui Strategi Pembelajaran Know Want Learned (KWL) Siswa di Kelas IV SDN Pinang 1


The problem of this research is the low reading comprehension ability of grade IV students. The application of this strategy is expected to improve students' reading comprehension skills by providing study guide sheets to help students read and reduce difficulty in reading comprehension. The data collection method used In this study, the methods of testing, observation, questionnaires, and interviews. Data were analyzed using descriptive quantitative and descriptive techniques qualitative. The data obtained were analyzed with descriptive quantitative statistics. The results of this study indicate that (i) The ability to read comprehension of fourth grade students in the aspect of vocabulary mastery and answering questions, has increased the level of previous reading skills, (ii) the reading comprehension ability of students using the KWL strategy has increased. Based on the results of this study, the use of the KWL (Know Want Learned) strategy can be applied, because it has a significant effect in improving the reading comprehension skills of fourth grade deaf students at SDNĀ  Pinang.1