Healthy Paradigm Tagar 2019 Change President Islamic UMM Views in Pekanbaru City


This study aims to determine the effectiveness of common sense in the 2019 hashtag to replace the President's perspective on Muslims in Pekanbaru City. The research uses descriptive qualitative analysis method with simple observation and interview data. The results prove that the use of common sense in the 2019 hashtag theory replacing Pekanbaru Muslim presidents is very effective, at a percentage projection rate of 95% agreeing, with the proposition that the change is in accordance with ijtima's choice of 'ulama'. The causes of effectiveness are: 1). The wish of Pekanbaru Muslims to make the 2019 election successful and fair without cheating as a form of political awareness; 2). The emergence of a phenomenon that is not conducive to economic, social and political turmoil is evidenced by the very high news hoax circulating in the Indonesian Muslim community; 3). The consistent anthropology of Pekanbaru's Muslim anthropology as a Malay people that is synonymous with Islam, the blessed earth keeps the spirit of the ulama of the Datok Sri Ulama Setia Negara; 4). The blood flow of Pekanbaru Malay slaves to one of the candidates for the vice president.