Mengidentifikasi Karakter Awal Peserta Didik


In learning planning, it is very much needed the abilities, skills and carefulness of the learning designer to analyze the specific situations and circumstances of their students. Each student and class group have different characters and abilities, so that the same treatment of all students and class groups will actually result in less than optimal learning process. Therefore one of the important stages in the learning planning process that is important is to analyze the characteristics of students. Where the characteristics of students at the elementary school level are different from those at the secondary school level. The mindset, perceptions and ways of dealing with the problems they take are very different. In childhood, the tendency to imitate someone who is idolized is huge. While adolescents are eager to be recognized their existence as human beings who are whole, mature and can determine their own way of life. Childhood is a time of play and learning. The heavy burden on schools sometimes reduces their rights to play. So what happens they tend to be lazy and bored when learning in class, because they face almost the same learning situation. Therefore in this paper we will discuss the importance of analyzing students' initial abilities of age, physical, psychomotor, academic, and attitude development. This stage is carried out to ensure that the learning program is designed in accordance with the profile of students who will go through the learning process.