Teori Brunner pada Konsep Bangun Datar Sekolah Dasar


Bruner's learning theory is through a discovery learning model (Discovery learning) is a teaching model developed based on a cognitive view of learning and constructivation where the contents of Bruner's theory is a student-centered learning approach with (1) an active stage; learning using concrete objects or real situations, (1) the iconic stage; presented in the form of visual images or images and (3) symbolic stages; write symbols related to symmetry of flat shapes, which are organized in such a way as to make students play an active role in learning. Students learn through active involvement with concepts and principles, and the teacher encourages students to gain experience by carrying out activities that enable them to discover concepts and principles for themselves. In the use of the Brunner theory in the learning of flat figure can be said to be successful because it helps students to understand and recognize the parts of flat figure and flat figure material, Based on these results, it means that the application of Bruner's theory can improve student learning outcomes in elementary school flat figure learning.