Implikasi Perbedaan Individu Peserta Didik Sekolah Dasar


Every human being was created by the Creator with all the uniqueness and characteristics or characteristics of each. This is known as individual differences. Individual differences are differences in abilities and characteristics (cognitive, personality, physical skills, etc.) between students at a certain age level and within each particular group. Through educational practices and activities, we can accommodate students' individual differences. Likewise, learning styles are also different from one another. There are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. It is important to recognize students' learning styles so that teachers can vary teaching styles, suitable learning methods applied in the learning process. The method of analysis used is literature study, by searching for several sources that have been published by other authors / researchers related to individual differences in learning styles. As teachers, we must be able to choose various methods / techniques that can accommodate student differences personally and optimize the progress and interpersonal abilities of each student in the long term, especially when viewed from their learning style so that the learning process is carried out optimally.