Kontribusi Metode Diskusi dalam Mewujudkan Kompetensi Berfikir Kreatif Siswa MA Al-Hamidiyah Sen-Asen Konang Bangkalan


The discussion method is a method that can be used in learning activities, the discussion method emphasizes the students' reasoning ability in studying the theories conveyed in the classroom. This method can be used for many subjects because it is easy to apply and does not require complicated preparation and equipment. The discussion also became a good method for Al-Hamidiyah Madrasah students, although not entirely. By using the discussion method, the students creative thinking competence are stimulated for developing progressively so that they have increased in along with the times, and can be said to be more better than before. The discussion method provides many positive contributions in realizing students' creative thinking competencies. It can be seen from the increasing number of their creations in writing that published on wall magazine, bulletins and other forms of creative expressions, also can be seen from the increasing number of students who have already fulfilled the criteria of creativity. The discussion method is also expected to be able to contribute not only to how students develop their thinking potential in school but also in the social environment of the community