Literasi Media: Sosial Media Sebagai “Front Stage” Baru Personal Image Generasi Digital Native


The purpose of this research is to see how social media creates a new "front stage" for individuals and provides space for these individuals to form and manage their personal images, which tend to be more enjoyable for the digital native generation. This study uses an interpretive paradigm. For interpretive researchers, the goal of social research is to develop an understanding of social life and discover how people construct meaning in natural settings. The implementation of this research produces media literacy, not just an activity that filters out various information that is of no use to its users, positives and more advantages. The conclusion of this research is that Native Digital Generaation is a different group in the stage of searching for identity, and is at the stage of searching for an appropriate role which is expected to receive the appreciation they expect, media literacy is needed as skills not only filter out the negative things of freedom, social media, but furthermore requires the ability to maximize social media space to get positive things and more benefits.