Peluang dan Tantangan Pengembangan Budidaya Ulat Sutera di Kabupaten Enrekang


This research is basic research that aims to reveal the development of silkworm cultivation in Enrekang Regency, as well as how the opportunities and challenges faced in the future.  Furthermore, the long-term goal of this research is to maintain and increase milk production to meet local, national, and export needs, with the hope of increasing people's income, local native income (PAD), and foreign exchange. The method used is a survey to observe and measure various influential variables. Data used in the form of secondary and primary data. The data analysis used is a cartographic analysis. supporting factors for the development of silkworm cultivation in Enrekang subdistrict are; the best quality, abundant sources of feed, abundant human resources, sheltered by state-owned enterprises, near the axis roads, tools and cultivation materials are available and easy to obtain, cooperation with other regions, cheap seeds, high purchasing power, and government visits and tourists.  supporting factors there are also factors inhibiting the development of silkworm cultivation in Enrekang Regency, namely: it has begun to be left behind, caterpillars are too sensitive, simple cultivation techniques, a small amount of harvest, cultivation of households (nongroup), the transfer of murberi land functions, uncertain climate, the breakup of the next generation, promising work and yarn / imported fabrics.