Problematika Pembelajaran Guru dalam Sistem Sekolah Sehari Penuh (Full Day School) Mata Pelajaran Geografi SMAN 4 Makassar


This study discusses the implementation of teacher learning in a full day school system at SMAN 4 Makassar. The Study was motivated by innovation in the world of education. This type of research is qualitative descriptive. The date collection technique uses observation, interviews, and documentation. The analytical method used is three, namely data proof, data presentation, conclusion and verification. The result of this study indicatethat the implementation of geography teacher learning in a full day school system at SMAN 4 Makassar that took place from morning to day school had many innovations that geographic teachere did in the curriculum the full day school system learning. However, there are some problems experienced by th geography teacher in the implementation of full day school learning and finding solutions to the problems faced by geography teacher in SMAN 4 Makassar in the afternoon of full learning.