Wajhu Dalalati al-Ayat al-Mutasyabihat fi Qisshotu Ibrahim ‘Alaihi as-Salam


<p>This study is to investigate The Verses of  <em>Mutasyabihat</em>,. It was one element of the al-Qur'ân which Contains various, miraculous and interesting aspects, the kind of this verse is <em>mutashabihat lafziyyah</em>. These verses  have similar reduction but these have different meaning. Hence, every verse has its own purpose, different with each other such the story of the Prophet Ibrahim. It was because that there are repetition word that  contain different meanings that can be understood by semantical analysis.This study revealed that the Mutashabihat verses in the story of the Prophet Ibrahim, have semantical aspects. The first  deduction and addition in word Bal in the verse 70-73 of al-Syu’ara’ and deduction in the verse 52-53 of al-Anbiya’.  The second is <em>al-Ta’rif wa al-Tankir</em> in the world <em>al-Balad</em> in the verse 126 of al-Baqarah and in the word <em>balad</em>  in the verse 35 of Ibrahim. The third is <em>al-Taqdim wa al-Ta’khir</em> in the word <em>al-Awwah</em> and <em>al-Halim</em> in the verse 114 of al-Taubah and its opposite in the verse 75 of Hud. The forth is altering the words with another words, such as the word <em>al-Halim</em> in the verse 101 of al-Shoffat and the word <em>al-‘Alim</em> in the verse 26 of al-Dzuriyyat and in the verse 53 of al-Hijr.</p>