Dakwah dalam Al-Qur’an: Sebuah Pijakan Pengembangan Metode Dakwah Kontemporer


The aims of this paper is revealing the methods of <em>da’wa</em> in Qur’anic perspective.   Qur’an provides variey of grand  methods of <em>da’wa</em> that should be explored. These methods have been practiced by the messengers of Allah in their tme. Nowadays many new methods of <em>da’wa</em> have been emerged in the middle of society. However we do not have lot of  informations on the correlation of these methods with those on the Qur’an. This study is a qualitative descriptive method based on thematic approach. Verses of method of da’waare collected, classified, and analyzed in Qur’anic perspective. The result of study showed some grand methods of  <em>da’wa</em> conveyed in the Qur’an includes: philosophy method, guidance method, debate method, provement approach, challenging approach, and cultural approach. These methodes of <em>da’wa</em> contribute in the formulation of  new approaches of <em>da’wa</em>.