Al-Istisyfâi bi Al-‘Asl fi Al-Qur’an ‘Inda Zaghlul Râghib Al-Najjâr


<p>This article aims to describe the views of Zaghloul Raghib Muhammad an-Najjar on the meaning of treatment with honey in the Qur'an and the meaning of honey in the Qur'an. As a mufaseer and scientist, an-Najjar was able to explain the ' ilmy i'jaz al-Qur'an in the related to verses <em>kauniyyah</em> scientifically by presenting scientific evidence that is in line with the development and progress of science knowledge. In this study, the researchers applied the method of analysis and descriptive text-analysis to elucidate the main reference Tafseer Kauniyah which deals with the problems above. The result of this research concludes that Zaghloul an-Najjar in his tafseer confirms the meaning of <em>syarâb</em> in the surah an-Nahl. He mentioned the characteristics of honey bees in the verse as liquid substances with different color that came out from the body of a bee which is effective as a cure for humans.</p>