Implementasi Program Budaya Sekolah 5S (Senyum, Salam, Sapa, Sopan, Santun) dalam Menanamkan Sikap Religius Siswa


The background of this research is the school in MIN 02 South Tangerang City not only pay attention to cognitive and psychomotor aspects, but effective attitudes are also highly considered. Through 5S school instills students religious attitudes. The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of the implementation of 5S school cultural programs in instilling students religious attitudes. This research method uses qualitative analysis study approach. The main data sources are the principal, curriculum field, and three 5th grade students, data collection techniques in the form of observation, interviews, and documentation. The results showed that the implementation of 5S school culture program ( smile, greetings, greetings, polite, polite) in instilling religious attitudes of students in min 02 southern tangerang city, was realized in 4 forms of self-development activities namely routine, spontaneous activities, conditioning, and modeling.  As for the supporting factors namely the teacher’s factor and the collaboration with the parents of the students. While the limiting factor is the presence of the students who have not yet implemented the program and parents who cannot be invited to work together. The overcome these inhibiting factors by starting from the teachers to always implement the 5S program and the efforts of the school to invite parents to always invite cooperation so that at home students always implement the program. With the implementation of the 5S program, students become polite, more diligent in carrying out worship because of the support of the school and educators also implement it, so students imitate or imitate what is done by educators.