Peningkatan Kompetensi Kaidah Bahasa Arab bagi Pemula Menggunakan Al-Tadrībāt Al-Lughawīyah


This research study is classified as field research with quasi experimental method. The study aims to find out the ability level of the students of Arabic Department graduated non-Islamic Boarding School in doing linguistic exercises (al-Tadriba t al-Lugawiyah) which consists of 12 topics. The steps of the experiment method were started from 1) population, 2) sample, 3) giving materials, 4) giving practice test, 5) data collection (results), 6) data Analysis/ results, and 7) conclusions. The research study  yielded two conclusions, namely: 1) Al-tadri ba t al-lugawiyah experiments carried out gradually, systematically and tightly controlled for the students of Arabic Department who were graduated from non-Islamic boarding school were  proved to be able to improve their mastery of 12 basic rules of Arabic with presentation: very good: 56.67%, good: 42.78%, fair: 0.56% and poor: 0%. 2) Experiments of al-tadribat al-lugawiyah using Arabic books for beginners were given  with 18 types of practice questions, easy and practical in improving their mastery in basic rules of Arabic, with a percentage of 16 students in very good category, (53.3%), 12 students in the good category (40%), 2 students were fair (6.7%) and poor (0%).