Metode Quantum Teaching sebagai Solusi Alternatif Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab di era New Normal


This study aims to explain the basic concepts, the implementation and the benefits of the Quantum Teaching method in learning Arabic which is effective in the new normal era. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. Data collection techniques used were observation, interviews and documentation, with qualitative data analysis techniques; Miles and Huberman: data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing. The results showed that the application of the Quantum Teaching method can increase the students’ learning motivation and students’ learning outcomes according to the minimum completeness criteria. Therefore, this method can be used as an alternative for active learning in the new normal period. The application of this method also has drawbacks, such as the existence of several activities that can interfere with other class learning activities such as singing and clapping hands in order to give the symbols of appreciation or praise to students for the achievement of their learning outcomes. Researcher hopes that this study research can become a reference for the Arabic teachers in choosing Arabic learning methods actively which are able to foster students' creativity to produce innovation in the learning process.