Asrār Al-Taghlīb fī Al-Qur’ān Al-Karīm: Dirāsah Balāgīyah


This study aims to describe the secret of at-taghlîb in several ayahs of Quran according to some Arabic stylist’s interpretation. The type of this study was a descriptive qualitative study, while the data were collected from several ayahs of at-taghlîb in Quran, then this study used the discourse analysis method to analyze the data according to some Arabic stylist’s interpretation. The interpretation phase conducted through collected some stylist’s arguments which are related to the data in this study, then concluded secret of al-taghîb based on their interpretation. The result showed that at-taghlîb in Quran was not a mistake, this has to with phenomenon of Quranic styles. This style contained secret of the great means which desired by Allah SWT. The result gave positive implication to everyone who want to learn Quran in a careful way in understanding each of contents and messages. In order to understand the contents and messages of Quran completely we have to pay attention toward some of Quranic sciences such as: Arabic grammar, Arabic rhetoric, Arabic linguistic, and Arabic stylistic. However, the object of this research study was still limited to certain ayahs. From thiss study, it is hoped that the study can be carried out in the field Arabic style.