Reorientasi Pendidikan Pesantren (Telaah Atas Tujuan Pendidikan Islam Di Pondok Pesantren Al-Islam Joresan Mlarak Ponorogo)


In the middle current education system competition, pesantren as institute of eldest education that stills to withstand up to now indeed has to be realised that pesantren's orientation that at only region keagamaan( tafaqquh fi al at n )   no longer is equal to. Therefore pesantren shall proactive and give room for fix and education system update pesantren, so collegiate pesantren can become of change's agent in the middle mansyarakat is productive, egaliter, and openended to social changed reality, without trasedentalnya's point loss. This research included descriptive research, study is case at pesantren Al's cabin Joresan Mlarak Ponorogo's Islam. In data collecting, writer utilizes to methodic interview, observation, and documentation as tech as its data collecting. tech that is chosen in analisis data is data reduction, data display and conclusion or verification take. Of research result is found, that (1 ) rorientasi's Backgrounds Islam education that done by pesantren Al's cabin Islam, menunjukan that pesantren Al's cabin Islam unawaring to challenge of social change, involve self in social change and makes her as center as that social change alone (2 ) education developmental Aims Islamic at pesantren Al's cabin Islam Joresan Mlarak Ponorogo is correspond to new modernist Model which is method which get effort to understand mendasar's teaching and point that consists in al Qur ’ an and al Sunnah al Shahihah with mengikut attaches and regard classic moslem intellectual treasury (3 ) reorientation Form at pesantren Al's cabin Islam is developmental curriculum, development evaluates and institute.