The curriculum is one component that is crucial in an education system, because the curriculum is a tool to achieve educational goals and at the same time as a guide in the implementation of teaching at all types and levels of education. Thus the curriculum is always dynamic in order to better adapt to various developments that occur. Every educator must understand the development of the curriculum, because it is the most important pedagogical formulation in the educational context, and the curriculum will illustrate how the work done helps students develop their potential in the form of physical, intellectual, emotional, and social, religious. To uncover the curriculum innovations carried out at MA Al-Islam Joresan Mlarak Ponorogo, the author will examine how the curriculum innovations implemented at MA Al-Islam Joresan before and after the implementation of the full day school program and how the impact of curriculum innovation on educational outcomes and student self-development at MA Al-Islam Joresan? And researchers apply the type of qualitative research methods, and data collection techniques include in-depth interviews, observation and documentation. Then the data analysis technique used in this study uses the concept given by Miles & Huberman. From the results of the study it was found that the curriculum innovation at Joresan Aliyah Al-Islam Madrasah was carried out in two stages, the first was curriculum innovation before the implementation of the full day school classroom program. The first phase was implemented in 1984, while the second innovation was carried out in 2010 by implementing a full day class program. The impact of curriculum innovation in Madrasah Aliyah Al-Islam Joresan is very influential on student learning outcomes and self-development of full day class students.