Autotuning Fuzzy PID Controller for Speed Control of BLDC Motor


The PID control system is widely used for industrial machine control processes. The success of PID control is determined by tuning PID parameters. In PID control the tuning is carried out offline without taking into account changes that occur in the plant and the disturbances that arise. This study aims to optimize PID parameters online by taking into account the changes that occur in the plant and the disturbances that arise using fuzzy logic-based controls and tested on a BLDC motor which is a non-linear system. Set PID parameters with fuzzy logic using a combination of 49 if-then rules. To set proper PID parameters in real time, a two-level control system was built. The first level to define PID parameters by finding the minimum and maximum values of  kp, ki and kd by the reaction method curve. The second level is designing the Fuzzy system to automatically set the PID parameters, then formulating a combination of 49 fuzzy if-then rules to get the value kp, ki, kd, error and change in delta error value. Testing of set point changes at BLDC Motor loads with no load and 0.5kg load and changes in speed get a response from the PID control system with an average value of 0.025 seconds rise time, 0.1625 seconds preset time, and 15.98% overshoot. While the Fuzzy PID control produces an average rise time value of 0.0025 seconds, preset time 0.057 seconds, overshoot of 5.42%.