Intruder Detection Systems on Computer Networks Using Host Based Intrusion Detection System Techniques


The openness of access to information raises various problems, including maintaining the validity and integrity of data, so a network security system is needed that can deal with potential threats that can occur quickly and accurately by utilizing an IDS (intrusion detection system). One of the IDS tools that are often used is Snort which works in real-time to monitor and detect the ongoing network by providing warnings and information on potential threats in the form of DoS attacks. DoS attacks run to exhaust the packet path by requesting packets to a target in large and continuous ways which results in increased usage of CPU (central processing unit), memory, and ethernet or WiFi networks. The snort IDS implementation can help provide accurate information on network security that you want to monitor because every communication that takes place in a network, every event that occurs and potential attacks that can paralyze the internet network are monitored by snort.