Simple Handwriting Calculator Application Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


The calculator is a calculation tool that is widely used in various specialized fields of business and commerce. The use of a calculator makes it easier for humans to perform calculation operations, but there are obstacles in the process of inputting numbers if you want to calculate the value of numbers on written media such as paper, whiteboards and so on. The user must first see the text on written media, then read it and remember it then type the writing on a calculator tool or application. The drawback of this method is that when the user forgets the writing on the written media, the user will see the written text and remember it again so that it takes longer to perform calculations using a calculator. The method used in this study is Optical Character Recognition, this method can recognize text contained in images or handwritten images of mathematical number operations. The results of the introduction of the text will then be carried out by arithmetic calculations to get the calculation results. From the trials on 20 handwritten images of mathematical number operations, the results obtained were 85% accuracy of extraction and accuracy of handwritten images that can be calculated and correct by 85%.