Analisis Pengurangan Kadar Minyak Menggunakan Alat Spinner yang Ergonomis


A private catering company almost every day serves processed fried food every morning, afternoon and evening. However, this often gets complaints from customers such as an itchy throat and fear of high cholesterol. The Spinner Pulling Oil tool is an automatic oil slicer that utilizes centrifugal force and is a solution to this problem. The purpose of this study was to determine what percentage of the ability of an ergonomic spinner tool can reduce oil content in food processing and to determine the time efficiency for the use of a spinner in draining processed fried food. The research methodology used is quantitative and qualitative where the types of fried foods that were tested were bakwan, fried onions and fried tempeh. From the research that has been done, it is found that the Spinner tool can reduce the oil content contained in fried food by 30% for Bakwan, 38% for Tempe and 45% for fried onions. This ergonomic Spinner provides up to 100% time efficiency for all types of food studied